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 Post subject: Forum/Game Rules
PostPosted: 2013-08-06 4:21 

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Forum/Game Rules

1) Please do not disrespect other players. Any serious offenses may result in removal from the forum and/or game.

2) Please do not make polls to harass other players. Abusing the poll system may result in your removal from the forums.

3) Do not start new threads based on personal vendetta towards another player, moderators, or Toivon staff. Such threads will be deleted and can be cause for removal from the forums and/or game.

4) Any frustrations you have regarding the game, staff, or fellow players should be dealt with privately, not publicly. Any issue with players or staff should be brought to the attention of Support. Should you have any personal in-game issues, you are encouraged to speak privately to the mentioned titles to resolve it in a calm and mature manner.

5) Profanity and vulgarity are prohibited from the forums and from the game itself. Frequent violations can further result in a ban from the forums and/or the game.

6) Lewd or offensive comments, links, and pictures are prohibited at all times. Posts or messages containing such material will be deleted immediately and may further result in a removal from the forums and/or game.

7) Recruiting is encouraged, spamming is not. Spamming can lead to a 5-hour muting.

8) Talking about other games is fine, advertising for them is not. Advertising other games can result in a 5-hour mute or more serious consequences.

9) Illegal, vulgar, racist, or otherwise offensive content is prohibited. Toivon reserves the right to change any inappropriate names (usernames/guild names, etc) when they are deemed offensive. These violations can, in the most severe cases, lead to the dismissal of a guild or the banning of a user.

10) Circumventing mutes by logging onto other accounts is prohibited.

11) Account trading is illegal

Rules may be added at any time at the discretion of Toivon Support. All members must comply or risk being removed from the forums and/or server.

Please Note
By registering on a Toivon game, you agree to adher to the following rules. If you don’t agree, please do not register and exit the game.

The rules below must be enforced to ensure a welcoming and civilized atmosphere in the Toivon community. All players must abide by these rules. In the event that a player violates any rules, Toivon Support may give out warnings, mutes, and bans. Once a player is banned, his or her device will be blocked from registration. In the event of broken rules, Toivon has the right to modify or delete your account without prior notice.

Note that the following guidelines may not address all forms of inappropriate conduct. As such, Toivon Support shall have full jurisdiction over any behavior that they deem inappropriate.

Do not discuss illegal activity in our chat rooms or on our forums. Illegal activity includes, but is not limited to: illegal drugs, fraud, violence, hacking, software piracy, and sexual harassment.

Be courteous and respectful to all players. Offensive language is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: obscenities, threats, hateful speech, harassment, defamatory remarks, and vulgarity.

Bug Abuse
Exploiting in-game bugs is prohibited. In-game bugs should be reported to Toivon Support immediately.

A device can only register a limited number of accounts (different games have different account limits).

Using programs to generate multiple accounts are prohibited.

Illegal, vulgar, racist, or otherwise offensive usernames are prohibited.

Using additional programs to infiltrate our game and give yourself an unfair advantage is prohibited.

Advertising third-party products or companies in-game or on our forums is prohibited.

Account Security
Do not post the personal information of others without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to: email correspondence, contact information, photographs, financial information, and social security numbers.

Toivon’s chatrooms and forums are public and open to all players. Players should protect their personal information. Do not disclose your account password, financial information, name, telephone number, home address, email address, etc to other players. We will not compensate for the damage done to your account due to password breaches, regardless of how another player got your password.

Toivon cannot guarantee that your game is uninterrupted and/or glitch-free. Although we will try, we cannot guarantee compensation for losses brought on by reasons that are out of our control.

Copyright Notice
Toivon games and forums are the exclusive property of Toivon Studios. and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission. All graphics, game logos, or game-specific designs are the property of Toivon.

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